How to Stay Relevant on Instagram with the New Algorithm

Anyone who uses Instagram to market their brand or services has been panicking recently, unless they already have half a million followers. Since Instagram changed its feed to no longer be in chronological order back in 2016, it has continued to change its algorithm so that only the most-engaged posts show up on everyone’s feed. But, we knew that would happen with best spy apps and other trending topics.

The drawback now for those that use Instagram for their marketing is that unless their posts get high engagement and interaction from their followers, many of their own followers might never even see their post. This is why people have been seeing Instagram accounts saying things like “turn on post notifications” in an attempt to have all of their followers continue seeing their work.

But that’s not the only way that Instagram users can maximize their following. Here are some helpful tips for those that want to keep their Instagram account as relevant as possible with Instagram’s new algorithm.

Instagram Tips with the New Algorithm

Pick the Best Time to Post

Depending on who your followers are, there is a time that is best for posting in order to target a certain audience. Many of the time’s that are best is around 4:00pm, which is when people get out of both work and school and are finally free to check social media without a boss or teacher looking over their shoulder. To figure out the best time to post, check the insights page or download an app that analyzes your Instagram following.

Respond to Comments

One criteria used by Instagram to minimize the broadcast of a certain post is if the one who posted it doesn’t interact with those who are commenting on the post. All the user needs to do is reply back to comments with a reply in order to keep their post as relevant as possible. Doing the same with best spy apps actually works too. Only don’t take too long, as there is a minimal time window in which you need to reply to comments in order to keep a post relevant.

Target Certain Hashtags

This strategy is already well-known, but it’s still one of the most important. Those that are wanting to market themselves or their services on Instagram are going to need to target certain hashtags. This helps widen their potential following and alert others to their posts that would not normally see them. However, Instagram has started marking posts that are getting too spammy with their hashtags, and it minimizes how many people see them. Keep the hashtags around 8-20, although Hootsuite says 30 is the number of hashtags.

Even the best spy apps can help when you need it.
How many hashtags? Experts say 8-30.

Follow Other Influencers

One great way that people can gain more followers is by following others who are more influential than you. They are able to network that way, and if they are lucky the other person will tag them in a post or in their story, which alerts their large following to YOUR posts. This is one of the quickest and easiest ways to gain more followers and become more influential on Instagram.

Instagram is quickly becoming the best way to market a brand or business, as have some of the best spy apps out there. Anyone who wants to stay relevant in 2018 and beyond is going to need to be well-versed in how to get and keep followers on the social media platform. Do you agree? Let me hear from you.